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One BBC poll showed that fully two-thirds of respondents viewed Israel as a "mainly negative" influence on the world.An opinion poll conducted by the European Union named Israel as the number one "threat to world peace" – beating out axis-of-evil states North Korea and Iran.Tension has long simmered between the two countries. Bitterness over the British Mandate The League of Nations in 1922 mandated that the British establish "a national home for the Jewish people," yet the British undercut this commitment by apportioning 70% of the land to create what is now Jordan.Then in 1939, the British issued the White Paper restricting Jewish immigration to Palestine.

That is to send an electronic mail otherwise known as email.This effectively locked the gates on millions of Jews who might have otherwise found safe haven from Hitler’s ovens.Those Jews who nevertheless tried to immigrate were turned away or rounded up and placed in detention camps by the British.However, upon this occasion of her diamond jubilee, what a propitious time for Queen Elizabeth to make a strong statement of support by visiting the Jewish State.Though the British Foreign Office would need to approve the visit, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't accommodate the Queen's request.

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