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While many western organisations, international church and women's groups have even set up shop in the red light sex districts of Bangkok and the government provides support groups and clinics, continuous surveys of sex workers indicate that what they really want is legalisation of the sex trade in Thailand.Recent years in Thailand have seen Thai governments become more ambitious about tackling poverty, while there have also been calls from some quarters of Thai society to curb or limit the footprint of the sex industry particularly in Bangkok.'In the main Thai women seeking foreign boyfriends or marriage partners are not involved in the sex industry.This trend has become both an alternative route for poor Thai women and a growing trend among middle class Thai women including middle aged Thai women working in the public service but there are Thai women working in the sex industry who see marriage to a foreigner as a way out,' says Dirk Boeker who is currently researching a documentary in Bangkok for a Dutch TV company.By some estimates there are up to 400,000 sex workers in the Bangkok metropolis.This number includes Thai women working on a casual/freelance basis and all different forms of Bangkok's sex driven nightlife scene.As economic progress continues, the sex industry is increasingly no longer considered as indispensible and most Thai people will point out that it has always been illegal.

Today, this includes younger men from western countries and increasingly men from other Asian countries in particular India.The scale and extent of the industry is partly due to the role it plays offering the chronically poor in Thai society an opportunity to survive or indeed to progress.Thailand is a nation which does not have the social supports that many from western societies take for granted.Every night in Bangkok behind the neon scenes and the sounds of a bustling metropolis, hundreds of thousands of Thai women walk to work in the city's sex industry.Bangkok, although it does not have the biggest sex industry in the world or even Asia unfortunately has this name.

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    A statement on its website said: “We use voices, acoustic instruments and music technology and encourage as much participation as possible.