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A brief comparison of the current situation within Iran and how it is connected to the Iranian Revolution is also necessary.

Persepolis is loosely based on the life of Satrapi.

A movie like this is not typically made, considering the format (animation) and the subject matter.

Growing up during the Iranian Revolution of 1978-1979, Marjane Satrapi understands all too well the hardships suffered by the Iranian people.

This broad range of categories is what initially enticed me to consider this as a possible research project.

To understand Satrapi’s story, one must understand the background of Iran.According to Nikki Keddie in the Iranian Revolution and the Islamic Republic they have used their collective power to start war with Russia in 1826, ended economic concessions held by a British subject in 1872, broken a British tobacco monopoly in 1891, and led a constitutional revolution against the Shah in 1905.Protests have also been a key component in their fight against Western aggression, with the first events occurring in 1963.The now-unemployed workers, many of them moving from rural areas, were left to fend for themselves.Oil profits and the nepotism of the Shah towards his favored constituents continued to widen the gap between the rich and the poor as well. The second is the Iranian disillusionment with Muslim leaders and their Western-inspired system of government (Esposito, 160).

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