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She lives life to the full and I envy her vitality.She has pink hair and is a younger spirit than me." "My dad and stepmum met when I was two, and I was effectively brought up by three parents – my stepmum was very nurturing and had this incredible ability to make me feel safe and calm.

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"They haven’t always been the best of friends, but they were good at keeping that stuff away from me. Her adoptive parents died when she was 18 and she doesn’t have any other kids, so I’m her only family.

An example of that was seen back in 2015 when Loftus revealed that they were both happy that they were doing great with their respective careers.

She said, "It allows us to take so much joy in what the other is doing.

His recent project is The Nerd Posse where is going to be seen in the role of Kingston Night.

The Nerd Posse is a TV Movie which is in its early pre-production phase and is set to release in 2017.

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    Louis printing history, and a talented group of designers and printers, The Firecracker Press has made its mark regionally and nationally.

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