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Linguists think Kalash are descendants of Indo-Aryans who overran the region in 2BC.

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This Ogham pendant is the perfect personalised present for friends, loved ones and as a treat for yourself. century AD, the ancient Ogham alphabet reads from bottom to top and is Irelands earliest form of written communication.

In the western side there were Bashgalis or Red Kafirs.

The old style graveyards have graves that have fallen open and bones scattered.

The engraving is very easy to make, just follow the on the website and start creating your own unique piece of jewellery, personalised uniquely by your heart!

Your chosen Love Bridge article will be engraved following your very own design and message: engrave your name and that of your loved one, your initials, your special date, an infinity symbol or a delicate heart, or even two intertwined wedding rings - with Love Bridge creativity has no limits!

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