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Read more here Like the other companies in this category, this processor has favorable terms and provides service on a monthly basis with no penalty should you choose to cancel your account.It has good tiered rates and average interchange-plus rates.Most companies have three tiers each for credit and debit cards: qualified, mid-qualified and non-qualified.The promotional rate that you’re quoted is for qualified debit cards – which means that it is for a normal consumer debit card (no rewards) that you accept in person by swiping or dipping the card in a terminal.Purchasing equipment outright is a savvy move for a small business owner, since leasing usually ties you to a long-term, non-cancellable contract.Even though leasing programs are less-expensive upfront, the merchants that participate in them often end up paying the equipment purchase price several times over by the time the lease expires.

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If you accept a mix of card types that include a fair amount of rewards, corporate, government or international credit cards, it may be more cost effective for you to look for interchange-plus pricing.

For these reasons, we’ve determined that the following credit card processing companies have the best flexible terms: No lengthy contract requirement and no cancellation fees make this processor a good option for businesses of all sizes.

Its tiered rates are good, it’s interchange-plus rates are average, and its monthly fee is lower than average.

It offers a choice of pricing plans and favorable contractual terms, making it a good option for growing businesses.

Read more here Your customers present you with several different types of cards – debit and credit, consumer and business, regular and rewards.

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