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He imagined his players wearing sponsored logos on their uniforms and predicted a trajectory similar to the UFC — which attracted emerging brands that couldn’t afford to advertise with Major League Baseball but were happy to drop 10 grand to sponsor a section of the UFC cage. By 2010, Golden Stick had held more than 40 events in 20 major cities throughout the U.

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Note that we also sometimes incorporate techniques from hypnosis such as Fractionation and Derek Rake’s “ENTICE / REPEL” technique for extra efficacy.

He and his friends started driving around the Northeast competing in tournaments, but they quickly found that while they may have been the best Wiffle ball players in their small pond, they were getting swallowed whole by bigger fish in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Massachusetts.

“I could barely even touch the ball the way those guys were pitching,” Benas remembers.

Where in America is it possible to get 18 guys or girls together one afternoon to play a baseball game?

But if you’re grilling out at your buddy’s house and there’s a few of you there, you’ve got enough for a Wiffle ball game.” he sun is drooping in the December sky as cicadas weave ominous melodies into the summer air.

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