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Davis bought a general stores which he renamed to Davis Mercantile.In 1925, Davis borrowed ,000 (about 5,000 in today’s dollars) from his father, moved to Miami, Florida and purchased Rockmoor Grocery.Two years later, the business was renamed to Table Supply and 4 additional stores were opened.In 1933, 33 additional stores were added with the purchased of Lively Stores chain for ,000. In 1939, William’s sons bought 51% of Winn-Lovett, a 73 store chain.I feel very depressed and unstable if that makes sense. Winn-Dixie was founded by William Milton Davis and his sons in Burley, Idado in 1914.I can’t believe neither of our newly remodeled grocery stores added these!!! Reply I keep giving Winn Dixie second, third, fourth chances. If Winn Dixie doesn’t have employees, maybe you should hire some to bag, because it is not expected of the customer to bag.The customer service was absolutely terrible and will try to contact the manager of this store as well to have a talk about their customer service!

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She was having a conversation with a guy that I assume was her boyfriend or husband while ringing up a customer in front of him.

I walk into this store to shop all the time and just observe every employee and managers of how they treat their employees. This store needs to do better with their employees. Especially, for someone who stops by after a long workday and is ready to be at home! which means part rare and part well done that we can’t eat cus its like rubber!! When I called her attention to put the remaining items in the bag, she ignored and pretended we weren’t there.

Also, the employees need to do better of working together not against or doesn’t like an employee working in the department. This job needs to have an everyday meeting before starting work. Come on Winn Dixie – get with the program; remove one of the register stations and install several “self checkout” lanes. Timee I buy a piece of meat there it is cut on a slant!! What is wrong with the pro tocols for your butchers!! When I called her attention a second time, she turned to us and apologized, but did nothing to bag the items, I had to do it myself. I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER AND IT OUTRAGEOUS THAT THE EMPLOYEE WOULD DO SUCH A THING!

When she was finally finished talking she blew him several kisses and then opened a Kit Kat and begin to eat while ringing me up.

Once she started she was scanning my items and slinging them into the bagging area.

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