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There are still more people than zombies." "Hungry. I'm leaving." "Need brains." "Goodbye, Edward." Story 002 by Michael Rumsey I do not like dogs, never have. Bruno ensures no other strays enter our garden allowing me to sit up in our apple tree and purr away to my heart's content. Governments considering land grabs and ready to send in an army at any provocation. Nobody seemed to be sticking up for the ordinary working man. Only last evening we had decided to cut the tree down and plant a new one in its place. Perhaps this was its way of telling us that it could still be useful. by Henry Dillinger Harold was not your ordinary magician. Instead of a rabbit coming out of the top-hat, it was a lobster, alive and snapping. "You see – grandma doesn't know colours." "She does, it's just that she sees life differently." "Life... " "Black and white." "Sounds weird." "Yes." "Am I like life? And if they make a mess of their planet you're clearing it up." by Jack Hanlon This is a General's charge. Dragons guiding flying chariots hurtle towards collision. Adversaries maneuver, trying to snatch the throne, an attempt at complete takeover.

Walking through the street, you cannot escape the sound, of cars that drive, cooking fries, and criminal lives. I won't provoke attacks to other's that could start hate. There's more blood coming out of her than going in. by Angelique Dusengimana "Give me my money." "Alice, what money? Maybe I am." "Don't you remember me giving you money last night? You just want me to give you more money." "Alice, don't you know that Joseph was drunk, he is always like that." "Tony, are you saying that even the job promised was a lie? I’m not talking the house where I grew up here, I’m talking the whole planet. Before today, I never had a problem with an entity from the previous universe wanting to destroy all life.

This meant he didn't have time to give 81words the attention it needed. There were 2 options of how to proceed: A few users from my email list expressed an interest in getting involved with helping me run the wesite, which was very much appreciated. If the traffic levels were high enough, I planned to monetise the site using Google Ad Sense, so the ongoing running-costs (d0main, hosting, updates etc.) were covered.

While Adam didn't have time to run 81words, he thought it would be a shame if it just disappeared as it had a lot of active users. That would mean users could carry on enjoying the site for free.

So 81 words was born." I first became aware of 81words when Adam contacted me in January 2015 asking if his website could be added to my lists of short story and flash fiction competitions. I'd decided to investigate including some advice about flash fiction in the book after liaising with authors that said they struggle to find the time to write due to long working hours.

After creating the listing, I decided to have a go at the 81word challenge and submitted a story. The 81 word story only took me about half-an-hour to write.

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