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Entity Framework allows developers to define their own . This is done by creating function imports in the conceptual model that map to stored procedures.

In this section, you will define your own method that is mapped to an Oracle stored procedure, which performs an update.

Before starting this tutorial, you should: In the Server Explorer window, if you already have a HR schema connection, expand it to connect to the database. Open the working directory to where you extracted the

As an example, the screen shot below identifies the HR schema as HR. Enter HR for the User name and a password and click OK. If you do not have a HR connection, then right-click on Data Connections in Server Explorer. Select Default as the Role and click Test Connection. Find the INCREASE_SALARY_BY_10, UPDATE_AND_RETURN_SALARY and OUTPARAM stored procedures.

You will then create the code to execute a LINQ query and return the results to the console window. The code executes a LINQ query against the EDM you just created.

Type the namespace references highlighted in the graphic below. It then accesses the result and outputs it to the screen.

Then, copy the code including the namespace references and paste them at the top of the NET, Entity Framework and Object Services namespaces. Make sure you include an end curly brace to terminate the USING scope. Updates, inserts, and deletes can be executed on an entity by mapping Oracle stored procedures to these operations in the EDM.

In this portion of the lab, you will execute a LINQ query with a lambda expression against the EMPLOYEE entity, then map a stored procedure to execute an update against all rows selected.

Type the highlighted code below or copy code from from the section labeled "Entity SQL -- "and paste it in after the previous code statements.

Click (Start Debugging) to view the updated results with the salaries increased by 10.

Note: Press Enter twice to continue while viewing the output.

The stored procedure will also return the modified data using an implicit resultset.

The resultset metadata is defined by the developer in a . Now, you have defined the metadata for retrieving the stored procedure resultset.

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