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The Ripper Crew was a gang of four men that stalked and terrorized the streets of Chicago in the '80s, hunting for women.They would cut women's breasts off with knives and garroting wires while they were still alive, rape them and ultimately murder them in their ritualistic killings.Mark says his parents attended Andrew's execution, and watched him draw his last breath.He says his father Raymond, who died several years ago, 'never really got over her death.' Mark told the Chicago Times: 'You really never get over something like this.Time goes on and you work your way through the memories but it's never gone.

Their first song, "Gucci Bass", was inspired by LL Cool J's "Rock the Bells", and much like Gigolo Tony's 1986 hit, utilized the Smurf's theme song as the hook.

Despite all the effort, Everybody Wants Some failed to impress Gucci Crew's core audience, and it also failed to attract new fans.

The Gucci Crew II was a Miami Bass group popular between 19.

'I was appalled when I saw he was going to get out. They all should have gotten the death penalty.'Thomas is eligible for release in a plea deal he made to do 70 years for pleading guilty to murdering Lorraine, however there is a loophole prosecutors are looking at that may keep him behind bars.

Thomas may fit the requirements for a civil commitment process for inmates who are deemed too sexually violent to be freed, sources tell the Tribune.

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