Is zac efron dating nikki blonsky

For Zac Efron, who has already received his fame from “High School Musical”, this is another opportunity for a wider audience to see how good he is as an actor and singer as he plays Link.

Nikki Blondsky: I think we have come so far in history, but yet we still have so far to go with the acceptance of other people. Unfortunately, today some people deal with some of the issues in Hairspray, of not being accepted for who they are.

She is a real person and that’s the main key it is just making her available for people to understand. Nikki Blonsky: I do, my favorite scene is with Christopher Walken when I am sitting on his lap because it reminds me a lot of my real Dad.

My Dad and I are really close; he is one of my best friends. Surprisingly enough I think the musical numbers we flew through because we were so rehearsed. I was working anywhere from 15 to 18 hours a day because when I wasn’t shooting I would be rehearsing or in the recording studio.

It is great that Hairspray can communicate these messages through music.

It’s not about being that tall, skinny, perfect blonde in Hollywood.

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