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RON SHIPP: That night he had, you know, slapped her around. He had taught other officers how to recognize the signs of abuse. I mean, I believed 'cause she's got these bruises, but I'm like, "this can't be O. Three years later, he sat for an interview with ESPN host Roy Firestone to talk about the incident with his wife: O. Simpson to Firestone: You know, the day after this was over you know, we looked at, say, you know, we had a fight, we were both guilty, No one was hurt, was no big deal and we got on with our life. And she told people that and she wrote it in her diaries and she said it more than once. JAMES BROWN: Do you think that there was any chance that what got lost in that setting was the fact that there were two murders?

But it would all come to light New Year's Day 1989. His punishment: two years probation, a fine and community service. RON SHIPP: I said, "Well why would you tell 'em no O. " …and he goes, "Well, to be truthful Shipp," and he chuckled …"I've had dreams of killing her."JAMES BROWN: Were you convinced in your mind then that he did it? And it was in the courtroom where Fred Goldman had hoped to get justice for his son.

Laying a few feet away was 25-year-old Ron Goldman, a waiter and aspiring actor, who was returning a pair of sunglasses to Nicole.

FRED GOLDMAN: I think that Ron walked in on a murder in progress and paid the price for trying to help. JAMES BROWN: Define the comment "my people."CARL DOUGLAS: My people are people of …

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SHEILA WELLER: He put her up in an apartment in the nice little area of Beverly Hills…Eventually, O. divorced his first wife, Marguerite, and married Nicole. TANYA BROWN | NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON'S SISTER: My sister was a hands-on mom.

REUTERS/Jason Bean/Pool Also Read: OJ Simpson Already Has a Job Offer -- at a Brothel When asked about Simpson's presence at a team practice, Helton would not offer anything else."That's been the statement," he reiterated. 32 college jersey remains retired and on display at USC's home stadium.

Photo Credit: Getty In 1967, Simpson was a junior at USC and in that year's Victory Bell rivalry game against UCLA, USC was down by six points in the fourth quarter.

He would remain their spokesperson till the beginning of his murder trial.

Photo Credit: Hertz Even before retiring from the NFL, Simpson had parts in motion pictures like "The Klansman," "The Cassandra Crossing," "Back to the Beach" and "The Naked Gun" trilogy.

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