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It'll mask one of your lesser performances, but it also detracts from your best performances. Matt is very media-savvy and manipulative in that way. which made Ben's more commercial choices easier to put down for some folks.Because Brad has been legitimately brilliant in some of the things he's done, and he doesn't get the credit as an actor that I think he deserves. The assignation was that Matt chose to be a serious actor in films, while Ben chose to star in movies.” [Brad] was a producer on [Marty] said to me early on [in production], “I don't know Boston.This is your town.” So I would show up with stuff that I'd write and give it to Bill [Monahan, the screenwriter]. " The first time I rehearsed with Jack Nicholson, he went over to get some coffee, and he turned around [and said], “You know, I never would have made it this long if I wasn’t a great fucking writer.” my editor, Thelma Schoonmaker, used a term to describe Matt's presence on-screen that's stayed with me: He's seated as an actor.

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Having the best part in a bad movie doesn't help you. I remember Ben and I having a realization early on.

[Matt] reminds me of me a lot, in terms of the kind of range of parts and things that he does.

He always looks to what's the best script, what's going to make the best movie, and what isn't.

That script flipped when Matt was Bourne and Ben became a filmmaker. He would walk in the room, and I'm like, “Is that my shirt?

” It got so bad with the Affleck brothers that I was at the point where I wanted to label all of my stuff, 'cause it would just fucking show up in Casey's drawer.

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