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She said her mostly-male clientele – who span the ages of 20 to 70 – are in the hundreds, but that number is rising as people trade religion for spirituality.Shaney said: 'Australia has a big movement, especially in Melbourne and Byron Bay, of spiritual sexuality.A big part of the Druid thinking is there's this cycle called the year, which fundamentally affects everything we do - when we can grow our food and when we have to hide away next to the fire.If you turn up at the changes between the seasons and observe that change, you can become better attuned to those cycles in yourself and you're a part of them."Summer solstice is when the sun is at its highest point and the longest day of the year.Traditionally the druids blow horns and there is then a chant, where you are raising energy and focusing it from the circle and radiate out around the world – it's a group prayer, not high magic or anything. We close the circle by saying thank you to the spirits and the gods that have been present with us and say farewell to them."Explaining the significance and majesty of Stonehenge, he added: "When you walk inside, the stones seem enormous.It's almost like you're stood in a street in New York, you get this sense of them towering over you."We think Stonehenge is a sacred place that links the Earth, the Moon and the Sun and the seasons.

As morning approaches, Druids find a spot to set up small circles, which is then opened by one person – called casting the circle – who declares it to be a sacred gathering.I'm also eco-sexual, which is about being turned on by the elements.'It can mean surrendering to pleasure such as the winds blowing on your skin.The elements are important to witches and shamans alike.'Spell crafting can involve boosting pleasure.Winter solstice is the opposite – marking the shortest day and the sun being at its lowest on the horizon. "Each season has its positives – winter season is about family and community, and the darkness, with the cold and the wet and the snow – it cleanses the land ready for a new season of growth. Even though the days are getting shorter the Earth's temperature is increasing and you've got the whole summer culminating in harvest, which everyone is looking forward to."What you're celebrating on a mystical level is that you're looking at light at its strongest.It represents things like the triumph of the king, the power of light over darkness, and just life – life at its fullest."Stonehenge Druid traditions Somers explained some of the traditions that take place among Druids on summer solstice.

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