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'He was developing this obsession for me, and I began to feel very uncomfortable because I had no control over him.' Hitchcock hired actress Tippi Hedren for The Birds, which began in the spring of 1962. Of course they all worked for chicken feed except for the buzzards which had agents.'End of January 1964, Hedren was awarded the Photoplay Award for most promising actress of the year to be televised on the Tonight show, but Hitch would not give her permission to fly to New York.

Hitchcock took over supervising every detail of her dress, hair and makeup – as well as asking crew members to follow her and report back to him her movements Hedren was told that the savage scenes in an attic room with birds attacking her was going to be done using mechanical birds. Handlers threw pigeons, gulls and crows at her and she became covered in bird excrement He described it to one reporter as: 'A fowl epic if ever I made one. He wanted her to stay in character while they were still filming.

It was as if my ginger locks were giving me a two-finger salute: ‘You didn’t want us before, so we won’t appear when you want us to.’It took me a decade-and-a-half of bleaching, hair loss and purple rinse nightmares to realise I had been blessed to have such unusual hair.

One of the great directors of the 20th century, Alfred Hitchcock, became a legendary and famous for frightening movies that struck terror in the audience and lingered in one's mind - Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo, Strangers on A Train, Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, Rear Window... As a young boy, Alfie or Fred, as he was called, was afraid to leave his own bedroom where he plotted and planned great voyages and imaginary routes across Europe using railway timetables, maps, schedules and hours of departure and arrival, until he finally stepped on the local train.

Dial M for Murder's assault scene on her by a gangster took five days to film and left Kelly covered with bruises.

He grew up as an isolated child in the Limehouse region of East London'I was terrified of the police, of the Jesuit fathers, of physical punishment, of a lot of things. Now I'm getting my own back by terrifying other people,' Hitchcock is quoted.Two years later, Hitchcock wanted to reach the same market for films that made The Blob and The Fly such big hits - impressionable and immature young people who wanted to be scared and become hysterical.Actress Tippi Hedren was brought to the studio after the director saw her in a diet drink commercial. Before interviewing her, he signed her to a seven-year contract at 0 a week.Sexually repressed, he became obsessed with his leading ladies and attempted to take total control of every aspect of their lives at the studio and in the private lives of stars Grace Kelly, Vera Miles, Kim Novak, Janet Leigh and Tippi Hedren.'The sexual fantasies of his adult life were lavish and peculiar, and from the evidence of his films, he enjoyed devising the rape and murder of women', writes the author, Peter Ackroyd in his upcoming biography, Alfred Hitchcock, which will be released on October 25.While he adored Grace Kelly's personal combination of frigidity and lust, he still couldn't resist the violence in the film Dial M for Murder's assault scene on her by a gangster that took five days to film leaving her covered with bruises.

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